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VERTICAL JIGGING- Our jig is perfect for vertical fishing.  With the slightest twitch, the jig comes to life under water.

TROLLING- Trying to locate a school of fish or fishing for scattered, small groups? Our jig is very effective when trolled.  As the boat changes speed or direction, it causes the jig to change elevation, creating the mylar flutter.

CASTING/FREE FALLING- Finicky fish, no problem.  Our 1/16th oz and 1/32 oz jig is incredibly effective when free falling towards the fish.  As the jig drops, the mylar flutters, creating an appearance the fish can't resist.

POPPING CORK- Fishing from the bank, no worries.  Fish our jig under a popping cork.  When the cork moves, the jig rises and falls, triggering the mylar to flutter.

Wood Panel


Founder of company and his grandfather who was inspiration

Little did my grandfather, J.B. ”Pap” Holley, a cotton, soybean and corn farmer (and greatest Crappie Fishermen, by all his friend’s and family’s accounts), know that he would be the inspiration behind the Crappie and Inshore Salt's newest and most lethal jig. The vision of the "Flashin' Assassin" was birthed from a 45 second conversation, between "Pap" and Collier, 35+ years ago (in the front of a John Boat at Catfish Point in Greenville, MS)

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Kevin McCarley

"I used your jigs yesterday and they did work, when an eyehole jig wouldn't"


Josh Keegan

"My son and I caught over 50 fish (with your white jig tipped with minnows).  Our weight was the largest tournament weight ever for this lake"

West Point Lake

"The fish were smashing it on the drop....they wouldn't do this with any other jigs.  Great product!  Thanks for allowing me to try them"
"We caught several fish we weighed (at the Crappie Masters Championship) on your 1/8 oz orange jig"
"He fished a regular pink jig head.  I fished the 1/8 pink Flashin' Assassin, Same tube.  I out fished him 2-3 to 1"
"Pulled up to the first structure and caught 3 fish on the first three drops.  Never done that before.  These bad boys really do work!"

Tony Sheppard

Chris Larson

Travis Sinard


We finally have a full stock of inventory.  Order now!  Please feel free to send us an message with comments, testimonials or pictures at, so we can add them to the website.  Thank you for your support and Happy Fishing!

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